We specialise in holiday courses for children aged 9 to 14 years old, in the heart of Loire Valley in France. The courses take place in a family setting, with a maximum of 6 participants per course. Our aim is to share our passion for the Performing Arts.

Children are hosted in a large country house in the Loir et Cher (Région Centre). They sleep in cosy, colourful dormitories, one for boys and one for girls, both equipped with libraries containing French and English books.

Days are filled with fun, purposeful creative workshops, country or village walks, games, daydreaming, free play and a participation to small everyday household duties. Children have a playroom which leads to a large secure garden.

The aim of the stay is to make a short film or write a songs and make a video for it. At the end of their course,participants take digital files of their work (wav, mp3, mp4 depending on the project they have worked on).

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Our Team:

Virginie Puiboube

Virginie has taught in a variety of settings since 1990. She has worked at La Petite Ecole d’Ealing, a French Saturday School in London, since 2009. She is also a private tutor, teaching French as a first language, as a foreign language, and she teaches  the guitar. She has extensive experience of teaching bilingual children, has led music projects, children choirs, music workshops for children at nursery and primary school levels. She is a songwriter and the band leader of London-based Soul-Jazz band, Laughing With The Raindrops.

Lutfia Mustafaev

Lutfia is an A level student also studying a Btec in Performing Arts. She has a passion for drama, film, dance and singing, with a particular inclination for musical theatre and is a regular theatre goer. She will be acting as Virginie’s assistant during workshops and share her ideas, games and  experience of the Performing Arts .