Educational Goals

Our Values

  • Smaller groups of children provide a better environment for secure and in-depth learning. Our courses’ maximum number of participants is 6. This number enables children to work as part of a team while feeling they are important as individuals.
  • Small groups are a  good environment for making genuine friendships. Our courses are a meeting place for children who share the same interests.
  • Our projects promote the development of language skills, imagination, posture awareness, coordination, team work, as well as social skills such as listening to others and empathy.
  • Projects aside, the days are paced and planned in such a way that children have a good balance of learning and free time during which they can play, make friends, daydream, or read. Every day there is a long walk in the village and some time spent at our local park lined with centenary trees.

Our Aims

  • To create a nurturing atmosphere where each individual is valued and respected, where children make friends.
  • To emphasize the importance of cooperation rather than competition.
  • To initiate talks and discussions that encourage children to express their ideas and opinions on the topics linked to our creative projects, e.g. friendship, children’s rights, the environment, our role in society etc.
  • To encourage spontaneity and enthusiasm
  • We are not offering language courses per se, however children will benefit from being immersed in a bilingual environment and encouraged to communicate in French and English. This will be done through our activities, play and everyday life.
  • During their stay, children will visit the chateau de Chambord, they will also go to a concert at the Pontlevoy Music Festival (songwriting course only) and visit the ‘Festival des Jardins’ in Chaumont-sur-Loire as a night visit. Alternatively, we will go to an outdoor medieval night show in Montrichard.

Our courses are registered with the DDCSPP (French Social Services). We’ve had our initial inspection followed by a good report. Parents are welcome to read this report if they wish. We may also have inspections at any time while children are in our care during the Summer.

A Typical week

Here is an example of a weekly timetable: